Art Gallery

Welcome to my Art Gallery

I have three galleries, one for paintings , one for monoprints, and one for quilts. Please click on the drop down menus under the two galleries and you’ll see links labeled by the name of each series of paintings, monoprints  or quilts. Some quilt projects get there own collection of photos to help you to see the details. Alternatively you can double click on any photo on my home page to see each series.


Monoprints and Monotype are the most painterly among printmaking techniques. They are essentially printed paintings; one-of-a-kind prints conceived by the artist and printed by the artist. No two prints are alike: although some images can be similar. The appeal of the monoprint/monotype lies in the unique translucency that creates a quality of light very different […]


I do both traditional and “art” quilts. Some of my quilts are crafted using patterns but more and more I’ve designed my own quilts. Retired Not Retiring placed 1st among “pieced machine quilts”, while Friends placed 1st for “appliqued machine quilts” at the Port Perry Fair 2013. Retired was awarded Grand Champion while Friends was […]

Encaustic Paintings

This wonderful medium is a mixture of bee's wax and damar resin. It's melted in small pots on a hot griddle and applied with natural bristle brushes. I add oil paints as my pigments or melt down pre made encaustic bars.

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